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Safe Chemical Handling Training

Chemical handling training is to be conducted towards workers that is exposed towards chemicals at their workplace. Every employee shall follow the regulations under Use and Standard of Exposure of Chemical Hazardous to Health (USECHH) Regulations 2000, whenever his employees and organizations are involved in the production, processing, handling, storage, transport, disposal and treatment of chemicals. A comprehensive chemical handling that shall be conducted according to USECHH Regulations are as follows;

Use and Standard of Chemical Hazardous to Health
USECHH Regulation 2000 - Salient Provision

Chemical handling training shall requires the following;

  • Content of risk to health created by the exposure

  • Content of precautions that should be taken

  • Review and conduct chemical handling training

    • every 2 years

    • if there is any changes in the hazard information

    • each time employees are assigned to new task or new work area

Our previous chemical handling training;

teaching participants to wear nitrile glove correctly
How to wear PPE correctly
emergency shower inspection
Emergency Shower Inspection

chemical labelling inspection
Chemical Labelling Inspection

Our Safe Chemical Handling Training Outline:

  • Legislation related to chemical management

  • Chemical hazard management

  • Health effect and toxicology of chemical

  • Chemical safety data sheet

  • Labelling and re-labelling

  • Routes of chemical entry

  • Control measure for chemical handling

  • Emergency Response - Chemical Spill

  • Personal Protective Equipment

We from MASMA Safety Northern could deliver the safe chemical handling training for your premises. Do contact us at or 016-228 5421 for any further inquiries.


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