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Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) Training

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) Training

The HIRARC training comprises of ways to identify hazards, evaluate the risk according to the likelihood and severity and implement appropriate risk controls. In order to carry out the HIRARC Documentation, employer are required to designate a qualified person for supervising group of workers involved in the specific process or activity.

HIRARC Program
HIRARC Workshop

3 elements of HIRARC includes;

1. Hazard Identification

2. Risk Assessment

3. Risk Control

Method to conduct HIRARC

1. Hazard Identification

The primary objective of hazard identification is to identify any risk that poses a serious risk to an employee's health and safety during critical job operations. It includes the hazard that may exist from the certain equipment due to working conditions and tasks performed. There are 5 types of hazard which are;

  • Physical Hazard

  • Chemical Hazard

  • Biological Hazard

  • Ergonomic Hazard

  • Psychosocial Hazard

2. Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a process where the likelihood and severity of accident/ event are determined to determine the value and priority of the identified hazard. Risk assessment methodologies are as per follows: semi-quantitative, quantitative and qualitative. Result of risk assessment can be presented in variety of ways to support decision-making on risk management.

A risk matrix, presents risks in a color-coded chart with red for high risks, orang for moderate risks and green for low risks. Severity on the other hand measure the amount of damage or harm a hazard may cause, typically rank on a four scale from catastrophic to negligible. By using this risk matrix, organizations could choose the high-risk area as a priority to improve safety and prevent significant lose.

3. Risk Control

Risk Control involves implementing control measure to manage the hazard to prevent the employee exposure and accident. The hierarchy of control involves elimination, substitution, engineering control, administrative control and personal protective equipment.

Elimination, Substitution, Engineering Control, Administrative Control, PPE
Hierarchy of Control

Our HIRARC Training?

We offered our services to any organization in order to perform in house HIRARC training. During HIRARC training, our trainer will assist participants to assess either the particular product, situation or person at the place may have potential to harm them and other person. Additionally, participants will assess the risk and recommend appropriate control for

the risk.

We are here to provide you the best HIRARC training at Penang, Perak and Perlis area. Contact us at 016-228 5421 or email


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