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Working at Height (WAH) Training

What is the definition of Working at Height (WAH)?

Working at height (WAH) is a work performed where there is potential for a person to sustain injury from falling from one surface to another surface that is not in a same level. Examples of Working at Height (WAH) condition are Climbing the ladder, erecting a scaffold, working on a scaffolding and others.

MASMA Northern Working at Height (WAH) Training
Working at Height Training

Why working at height is considered a risk?

Working at Height can cause a falling hazard which leads to incidents. Working at Height could also even cause fatality and thus bring bad reputation towards the organization. Thus, it is important for employer to conduct proper risk assessment and provide control measure to prevent this falling from height at the workplace.


Working at Height (WAH) training.

Some of the control measure to be done by employer are Working at Height Training. Our team provide an effective and easier way to understand the risk and ways to work at height safely. It is a competency-based course where participants are assessed in terms of the way they perform working at height activity.


Our Working at Height Training objectives;

At the end of this WAH Training, participants will be able to;

  • Learn how to identify hazards in the workplace while working at height

  • Follow the risk assessment that have been carried out before working at height activity

  • Select and use appropriate equipment to prevent falls while working at height

  • Identify risk control for working at height based on the hierarchy of control

Wearing full body harness
Body Harness Inspection Demonstration


Topics of Working at Height Training;

  • Introduction to Working at Height Safety

  • Legal related to Working at Height

  • Control Measure during Working at Height

  • Fall Protection Plans

  • Working at Height PPE

  • Suspension Trauma


Target Group

  • Supervisor

  • Operator

Interested with our Working at Height training? Contact us at 016-228 5421 or email us at now for further clarification. We are here to serve you the best.


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