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First Aid Training for Industry - Penang

Industry requires First Aid Training

There are lots of workplace hazard that will contribute towards occupational injuries. If the first aid is given right away, even more critical injuries that needs professional medical attention can become less dangerous and have a lower chance of dying. Having certified first aider team who goes through first aid training not only makes the workplace a safer place, it is also able to reduce casualties in emergency situations.

First Aid Training
Basic Occupational First Aid Program

MASMA Penang's First Aid Training Introduction

This 2 days Basic Occupational First Aid Training is designed to train the layman or average employee to become a qualified First Aider at the industry. In addition to basic life support skills like CPR and choking, the trainees will receive instruction on first aid-related subjects such bleeding and wounds, burns and scalds, fractures, and spinal injuries. The curriculum includes theory lectures, hands-on training, and a mock up drill (casualty make-up) to give participants the information and skills they need to deal with a variety of circumstances.

Objective of First Aid Training

After completing the First Aid Training course, participants will be able to :

  • Identify hazard and conduct simple risk assessment during emergency situation

  • Understand the basic first aid action during emergency

  • Perform basic first aid skills

First Aid Mock Drill
First Aid Mock Drill
Transfer patient
Transferring Patient First Aid
First Aid using Stretcher
First Aid Mock Drill

Topics for First Aid Training

  • Introduction to First Aid

  • Legal and legislation related to First Aid

  • Principles of First Aid

  • First Aid Box

  • Hazard Identification

  • Shock

  • Bleeding and Injury

  • Bone and Joint Injury

  • Poisoning

  • Burns & Scald

  • Bandage and Sling Technique

  • Patient Transferring

  • Asphyxiation

  • Chocking

  • Basic Life Support

Methodology of First Aid Training

  • Theory

  • Practical

  • Mockup Drill

  • Assessment

Interested in our Basic Occupational First Aid Training?

Enhance workplace safety with MASMA Northern's Basic Occupational First Aid Training for Industry. Equip your team with life-saving skills and reduce casualties in emergency situations. Contact us at 016-228 5421 or email now for further clarification.

Location Offered : Pulau Pinang / Penang , Kedah , Perak & Perlis


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