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Basic Occupational First Aid Technique : DRSCABD Action Plan

Being familiar with Basic First Aid Techniques can assist you in handling an emergency. Until an ambulance arrives, you might be able to help someone breathe, lessen their pain, or lessen the effects of an injury or sudden illness.

Let us learn the basic occupational first aid techniques which is the DRSCABD Action Plan.

First Aid Technique and Action Plan
DRCABD Frist Aid Technique

D - Danger. Ensure that there is no danger around victim during. Wear PPE if available.

R - Response. Check for the victim response.

S - Shout for Help. Ask for help and bring defibrillator.

C - Compression. Look sign of life and check for pulse.

A - Airways. Perform head tilt-chin lift.

B - Breathing. Look for normal breathing in not more than 10 seconds if not breathing or abnormal breathing (gasp) is seen, given 5 rescue breaths

D - Defibrillation. Attach AED. Do not interrupt chest compression. Follow AED voice prompt. Immediately continue CPR.

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