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Chemical Handling Training

Chemical handling training is crucial for team that handle, supply or storing the hazardous product. This is so as hazardous chemical produce significant risk towards person, property and also environment. In the industry, this kind of chemical needs to be regarded as major risk. Thus, chemical handling training will assist in ensuring the safe handling of chemical, preserving the environment, preventing serious injury and protecting health.

safe chemical handling training
Chemical Handling and Spill Training

The key point of chemical handling training are as follows;

  1. Legislation related to chemical management

  2. Chemical hazard management

  3. Health effect and toxicity of chemical

  4. Chemical Safety Data Sheet

  5. Labelling and Re-labelling

  6. Routes of Chemical Entry

  7. Control Measure for Chemical Handling

  8. Emergency Response - Chemical Spill

  9. Personal Protective Equipment

Chemical Handling Training according to Use and Standard Chemical Hazardous to Health Regulation 2000, whenever employer are using (production, processing, handling, transport, storage, disposal and treatment), he is required to;

  1. Identify the chemical hazardous to health

  2. Conduct Chemical Health Risk Assessment by registered DOSH competent person

  3. Implement action to control exposure

  4. To label and re-labelling the container of chemical

  5. Provide information, instruction and training about chemical

  6. Perform chemical exposure monitoring by Hygiene Technician 1 at the workplace if necessary

  7. Conduct health surveillance by Occupational Health Doctor if necessary

  8. Medical removal protection policy for pregnant woman etc

  9. Put on warning signage

  10. Record keeping of information, report and data related to chemical.

Interested in our chemical handling training ?

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