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Safe Handling Forklift Training (Penang)

Safe Handling Forklift Training (Forklift Safety) - Penang, Kedah, Perak and Perlis

Forklift or may be known as lift truck is a powered industrial truck which is used by short-distance lifting and movement of materials. Since then, forklift have undergone a great deal of evolution. Various types are available such as those that are powered by fuel cells, propane gas, gasoline, diesel fuel and batteries.

Inspection of forklift
Forklift Inspection Activity

Why employer should conduct forklift training towards their employee?

  • As a safety compliance for forklift operator to attend safe handling forklift training

  • To provide safe working environment for forklift operator and people around them

  • To provide awareness on the safe way of handling forklift

  • To ensure that the forklift operator is competent in driving forklift

MASMA Safety Northern are here to assist on providing Safe Handling Forklift Training (Forklift Safety) to ensure the competency of the forklift operator. Call us now at or 016-228 5421. Our coverage includes Penang, Kedah, Perak and Perlis.

Forklift Practical
Forklift Loading and Unloading Activity

Safe Handling Forklift Course Outline 2024

Course Objectives

  • Identify the cause and effects of accidents involving forklift

  • Identify the hazard and risk related to forklift

  • Recognize the suitable control measure to reduce forklift hazard and risk

  • Implementation for safe handling of forklift

Topics in the Forklift Training

  • Introduction to Safe Handling Forklift

  • Forklift Operation Hazard and Risk

  • Legal Requirement related to Forklift Operation

  • Forklift Truck Component and Stability

  • Safe Operating Procedure - Handling Forklift

  • Operator's Daily Maintenance and Component Checklist

  • Practical & Assessment Session

Target Group

  • Forklift Driver / Operator

  • Forklift Supervisor

Program Requirements

  • Classroom and teaching aid

  • Practical site - Open space 50ft x 50ft

  • Practical kit - 20 drums, 4 pallet and forklift truck


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